The perfect guide to the engagement rings

It’s every woman’s dream to have a perfect engagement ring on her engagement day. And, the best diamond jewellery that includes diamond engagement rings is manufactured at Kundan Lal & Sons. Kundan Lal & Sons have been an integral part of the jewellery industry for many decades. In this article today, we will discuss how to choose your perfect engagement rings. 

Though there is no second thought about the fact that all engagement rings are beautiful, at times selecting an engagement ring can be a daunting task. It involves a lot such as selecting the perfect stone to tune it with the right kind of setting. For every diamond engagement ring, there are many different shapes and hence as per the shake, the overall setting of the ring varies. In this article, we will discuss some of the most preferred kinds of diamonds, such as engagement rings.

Round Diamonds:-

Round brilliant diamonds are one of the most popular choices. The prime reason behind this is their brilliance. The too many facets feature of this kind of diamond allows it to deliver an unbelievable sparkle to the ring. With round diamonds, you can choose from four-prong settings to five-prong settings. Apart from the prong settings, you can also go with the bezel style. This one is more preferred by those who have an active lifestyle, and don’t want their engagement rings to get snagged in their clothing. Also, you have the option of adding side stones or just going with a single diamond studded centrepiece. The round diamonds are generally not the colour ones. Additionally, settings for round diamonds also include tension settings, melee settings and pave settings.

Pear Shaped Diamonds:-

This one is also not a common choice, but yes it is a very popular choice for colour diamonds, du toe its appealing shape. These kinds of diamond settings require approximately six prongs, both thin and wide to hold the diamond piece in its place. These pear-shaped diamonds can also be given bezel, tension, melee and pave settings.

Heart-shaped diamond:-

The heart shape or the one which is princess shakes is a very popular shake when it comes to diamond engagement rings. These shapes look very beautiful when it comes to a single diamond ring such as a solitaire. Nowadays, a heart cut stone on a band is very popular in form of engagement rings.

Radiant Diamond Rings:-

When it comes to coloured diamonds, the most common cuts are radiant and cushion shapes. The prime reason behind this is that these cuts enhance the colour of the diamond. You can use almost any setting in this case. The use of side stones in this setting makes a very beautiful diamond engagement ring.

Diamond bands:-

This one is very popular nowadays and is known as the eternity style. In this, the ring features a diamond among the band of the ring. This is done to give that extra touch of dazzle and beauty. However, when you are going for this option, you need to remember that diamonds on the band can either go completely towards the downside of the band or around it. In such a case, setting up small diamonds on the ring makes it look very unique and beautiful. This kind of overall setting also helps in resizing the ring. But, this option is not very useful for people who lead a very active lifestyle.


When it comes to diamond engagement rings or any other diamond jewellery, the best manufacturing brand is Kundan Lal & Sons. From engagement rings to complete diamond sets, everything that they manufacture is of supreme quality and is has unique designs.

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